Delivery of specialist training in the UK or internationally.  This is what we do best!

The whole approach of International Contacts is to offer training that is as flexible as possible.  We can deliver a tailor-made course at your workplace, at a hotel in a third country or in a university lecture theatre.  You can come to our centre in the UK in person for an intensive, specialist training course.  Or we can offer you various online options, including via Skype or Zoom.

We can also arrange a course for you at one of our carefully-selected, accredited partner schools and training centres in the UK and overseas.

French in France?  Yes.
German in Germany?  Yes.
A University course in the UK?  Yes.
A University course taught in English in Germany?  Yes.

We have spent years building up a network of dependable partners around the world, so please ask us about the training or higher education programme that you are interested in following: the chances are that we can help you ourselves, or we know someone who can help you.

We love coming to deliver training at your workplace.


Because it helps us to understand the context of your work and appreciate how the skills that you need to develop will be used on a daily basis.

If you prefer – and you have the time available to travel – you are very welcome to book a seminar, workshop or specialist training course at our centre here in the UK.

Our UK-based courses are all designed to give you a background to the subject area, offer you no-pressure opportunities to practise your target business or language skills and boost your confidence.

Are you too busy to travel for a training course?

Some people prefer to arrange a daily or weekly time slot for a training session delivered over the internet.

There are several ways in which we can do this, but we have found that the most popular way is by using Skype video or Zoom for an online training session in real time.

We will email you materials (and send any other documents, books or other learning materials by post, where necessary), so that you can study at your own pace.

For more information or to book a free consultation, please contact Yurie Oyama or David Jones:

Telephone: + 44 (0) 1202 526619.
Mobile: +44 (0) 7966 578999.